Anonymous asked:"What do you think about Emilia's acting as Dany? Many people seem to hate Emilia's acting in the series and this has kinda ruined the show for me becaue every scene she's in I try to see if her acting is wooden or emotionless, things I never payed attention to before seeing the comments about her acting!"


I’ve heard this comment a lot about Emilia’s acting and I just don’t see it. To me I see Daenerys. She’s read the books, (multiple times) so she knows Dany’s inner monologue. 

In her first episode where she’s “wooden” and “emotionless” I see an abused girl who is frightened and trying to overcome her fear. I can almost see her thinking I am the blood and seed of Aegon the conqueror in the first episode. 

And I felt for her in the last episode. She was so sad, and I felt for Dany as she chained up her dragons. I feel for her constantly. Maybe I’m a bit biased because Dany is my favorite character, but when I watch her scene in Astapor I get chills

Anyways don’t let anyone tell you who is and isn’t a good actor. Watch the scenes. If the actor is pulling you into the scene, and making you feel for the character, cheer for the character, hate the character, love the character, etc… then the actor is doing their job. 

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Okay Schmidt wanting to break up Jess and Nick for his mistake is so annoying. What a jackass.